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We should not insult God! God indeed deserves our respect!

All world religions are mainly based on belief, almost blind believing and without laboratory confirmation! You can believe whatever you like but you cannot force anybody in your believing system. Every radical believer whether he/she is a traditional Muslim or Quranist or Christian or Jew or Hindu or Buddhist believes he/she is correct and rest of the world is wrong!  This ridiculous attitude is badly harming true religions and not helping in any way.

Spirituality is a fact because we have divine spirit so our spiritual need is also a fact. Our body dies and decays but our spirit is eternal. Material things cannot fulfill the demand of our spiritual needs.  I do believe in God but my God is very kind, rational, tolerant, honest and merciful.

When those who believe in our revelations come to you, you shall say, "Peace be upon you. Your Lord has decreed mercy upon Himself. Thus, anyone among you who commits a transgression out of ignorance, and repents thereafter and reforms, then He is Forgiving, Most Merciful [The Quran 6:54]."
"O My servants who exceeded the limits, never despair of GOD's mercy. For GOD forgives all sins. He is the Forgiver, Most Merciful [39:53].”

I do not think God will burn in hell anybody let alone forever! We misunderstand many words of God in the Quran or the Bible. We should not insult God, instead God indeed deserves our respect! May God bless you.

Is idol worshipping the worst sin?!

[The Quran 6:107] Had GOD willed, they would not have worshiped idols. We did not appoint you as their guardian, nor are you their advocate.

The Quran says the idol worshipping is the greatest sin! Why idol worshipping is the worst sin? If we set up partner (s) with God, will that harm and hurt God so badly that the most merciful God will send us to hell forever?! If we become rebel against a king (a human being) a ruling king could punish us badly because king needs our allegiance to govern his kingdom. 

If you do not show allegiance it is a great threat for the king; he might eventually lose his throne and even worse he could eventually be killed! It is a normal phenomenon for human ruler specially for a dictator!  Is God like that helpless medieval king?! Obviously not.

No matter how many gods we set up beside God it will not harm God in the least! Fact will remain the same. There is only one God in the universe. Also so far nobody directly sees that there is only one God in the universe. Therefore, many people set up gods beside God due to their silly imagination, idea, or belief. So it is totally illogical that idol worshippers will be sent to hell eternally due to just set up partners with God.

It is in fact hurling a big insult to God to think about God in such a very narrow and mean way! God is the greatest, no doubt. God is the creator of billions, billions of stars and galaxies, trillions of planets. Nobody knows the size of God’s kingdom! Even if we can comprehend billions of stars and galaxies to some extent, we are still like a little child in terms of understanding of God’s immense and infinite Kingdom!

God has been sending His messengers to us from the dawn of human history and every messengers say that there is only one God so, to set up god(s) or partner(s) beside God is obviously wrong and dishonoring. Many scientific and logical evidences also suggest that there is only one God of the universe.

Whatever be the case,  God does not need to care about all those human silly beliefs or imaginations. The Quran or Bible just makes a God in the image and idea of human perspective but the truth is that God is far above from all those silly human ideas, superstition and imagination.  It clearly indicates that Quran and Bible are corrupted to some extent with nonsense human ideas and imagination! It is the ancient human nature!

Ancient Arab hypocrites created thousands of false hadiths in the name of prophet Muhammad and those hypocrites distorted the Quran too! That is why the then ruler needed to burn the original Quran! After the death of Prophet Muhammad his thousands of companions fought and killed each other! What kind of civilized human beings they were?! Those people left and preserved the Quran and we are hoping we still hold the original revelation of Prophet Muhammad! Ah, how much we could fool ourselves?!

In the same way Bible was also corrupted! Prophets Moses, Jesus or Muhammad’s revelations and teachings were corrupted to such great extent that it is now almost impossible to find out what those great teachers said and taught to the humanity! 

Of course any blind believing including idol worshipping and ideas could harm human society but in many instances those who set up partners with God are doing much better in this world than most of the so-called Muslims! They are doing pretty well because even though they set up partners with God, they are working hard and majority of them are honest and non violent in nature.  Do I need to explain it more details?!

Anyway, good luck to the blind believers! If you have any counter and strong logical arguments please let me know and you are welcome to help me to understand the truths. I am a very humble person.
PS: One free-thinker Muslim has sent this article without revealing his/her name.

There is no compulsion in religion, is it?!

According to more than 90% of the Quran there shall be no compulsion in religion. That’s good and makes sense because religion itself cannot be proved or disproved so any kind of applying force to implement any particular religion is utterly nonsense. Religion is based on belief and belief itself is so weak and fragile that in your personal experience if you look back you can see so many times in your life your own beliefs or hopes were shattered.

You believed something but in reality it was happened something else; so many times that happened already in your life! So, based on belief (religion), you can never force anybody if you have little bit of honesty and commonsense.

[The holy Quran 2:256]  There shall be no compulsion in religion: the right way is now distinct from the wrong way. Anyone who denounces the devil and believes in GOD has grasped the strongest bond; one that never breaks. GOD is Hearer, Omniscient.
[10:99]  Had your Lord willed, all the people on earth would have believed. Do you want to force the people to become believers?
[6:107] Had GOD willed, they would not have worshiped idols. We did not appoint you as their guardian, nor are you their advocate.

But you see here [9:29] it says it is OK and even necessary to force people for religion! Most of the blind believers claim that there is no contradiction in the Quran! Almost all blind believers of Bible also claim so despite the fact that there are many contradictions in the Bible too! Are those people ignorant of Quran or do they deliberately hide and overlook those Quranic verses such as [9:29]?

[9:29] You shall fight the ones among those who received the scripture who do not believe in God, nor in the Last Day, nor do they prohibit what God and His Messenger have prohibited, nor do they abide by the religion of truth, until they pay the due tax with their own hands and be humbled.

So if anybody asks “is there no compulsion in religion?” a Muslim’s answer could be both “yes” and “no” even according to the Quran alone! Ancient Arabs, especially ancient Arabs rulers and kings most probably contaminated the True Islamic religion for their own benefits and ambitions!

Rashad Khalifa and his alleged God’s messengership

Initially I was quite convinced that Dr. Rashad Khalifa was a messenger of God but now I do not think he was a messenger of God. I think he believed so for himself mistakenly! I am not calling him a liar or imposter because anybody could be mistaken to follow any particular religion.  I have still good respect for Dr. Rashad Khalifa because religion itself is a very confused and complicated phenomenon due to the fact that religion is not an exact science (you cannot prove or disprove any particular religion scientifically) so Dr. Rashad could have been mistaken easily like many other prominent thinkers in different religions in the world.
Dr. Rashad Khalifa was preaching his religious believes peacefully so in that sense he was a much better religious person than so many fanatics and blind believers in the world. He at least tried hard to prove that, believe in God and serve God indeed make sense. Anyway, I do not think he was a messenger of God because of many reasons: few of them I am just highlighting briefly.
1. Dr. Rashad believed devil becomes so much powerful that God is almost helpless so God allowed devil to mislead billions of people towards eternal hell! But the fact is that status of devil is no more than a single human being because God ordered devil and all angels to prostrate in front of Adam, our father. Every human being carries some part of divine God’s spirit and that is why human race is God’s very important creation and no less than angelic race. God can kill or neutralize devil (Satan) any moment so God definitely does not need to stage such cruel drama by using devil!
He argued that God created human race to prove in front of all angels that devil is a rebel of God and I believe this argument is really silly and ridiculous. We must know that God does not need to prove anything. God is neither weak nor helpless in front of all angels. God is almighty, Creator of all lives in the universe, Creator of billions, billions, billions of galaxies, stars, planets etc. To prove that point (devil wanted to be a god beside God) God created human race and it is inevitable that billions of humans will be burnt in hell forever! What kind of believe Dr. Rashad rose about God?! This whole argument does not make any sense.
2. Thousands or possibly millions of years passed already still devil does not realize that he cannot be a god beside God! God is still allowing devil to rule this earth to generate all those miseries! We can clearly see the big hole in Dr Rashad’s arguments here! If we do not apply and follow logic, we will be blind believers and a blind believer can believe anything for any reason! Blind believing itself can make your life a living hell! So, you have to apply high level of honesty, logic and reason to get God’s guidance, that’s so much important.
3. He claimed too much on his mathematical structural discovery of the Quran. Prophet Muhammad himself did not understand the so-called mathematical miracle of the Quran. Did Prophet Muhammad and his prominent companions have any problem to follow the God’s guidance in the Quran without understanding that so-called miracle?
4. Even last 1400 years nobody knew about the so-called miracle, so should we assume that God kept all humankind in dark during the last 1400 years? Last 1400 years God deprived billions of humans to get His guidance?! So that nonsensical argument undoubtedly proves the fact that so-called mathematical miracle is nothing much important even though some aspects could be interesting to know.
5. Nowhere in the Quran God says that, in particular mathematical ways 19 number is the protector of the Quran. So why does so much fuss about that 19 number?! Based on that 19 number it was unnecessary to remove two verses of the Quran;  that controversial decision created terrible debate among Muslims around the world which might eventually cost Dr Rashad life in a very sad way.  Of course Dr Rashad had full right to preach his thoughts and believes peacefully and nobody had right to harm him in any way. Anyway, here I have just updated my honest understanding on this issue; of course you are free to follow peacefully whatever you believe.
A Rahman (PhD), July 22, 2014.

Danger of Alien (UFO) intervention

It is no secret that many people around the globe encountered Alien or Alien spacecraft (flying saucer). However, it is very strange that Alien spacecraft is trying its best to hide from us! This is a warning sign for all human family on earth. If those aliens have good and friendly intention they will never try to hide from us.
Therefore, those aliens seem like some ambitious colonial power want to conquer our earth! If any alien conquered the earth we will be their slaves or even worse they can destroy us to make their colony permanent here. Lately even eminent physicist Stephen Hawking warned in this regard.  British physicist Stephen Hawking says aliens are out there, but it could be too dangerous for humans to interact with them

We could have friendly aliens too but to distinguish friend from foe is not easy right now as we are still like a child in this peculiar and dangerous circumstance. When Christopher Columbus discovered America it was never a good experience for Native Americans. Entire humankind is under that kind of sudden and unpredictableintervention risk! 

Many reports on Alien spacecraft prove itself that their technology is far advanced as compared to human technology so far.
That is more serious concern for us! There are billions of galaxies, billions, billions of stars and trillions of planets in the physical universe. Even we do not have any clear idea about the size of the physical universe and what is beyond the universe. So it is absolutely foolish to think and to assure that we are alone in this gigantic universe. The Quran never says that we are alone in this universe but the Quran too says the opposite despite the fact that it was not much relevant to say about Alien when Quran was revealed 1400 years before.

It is very likely that some civilizations are far more advanced in technology as compared to ours and at the same time some civilizations could be inferior than us in terms of their technological advancement. So, some rouge advanced civilizations could try to intervene and make our earth as their permanent colony.
It is a natural trend that powerful one tries to subjugate weaker one! To tackle this perceived danger all world nations should be united, we have to solve our inter nations conflicts and wars peacefully so that all humanity could be a greater and united force to fight against any Alien (UFO) intervention.

"UFO sightings are now so common, the military doesn't have time to worry about them. . .when a UFO appears, they simply ignore it. . .Unconventional targets are ignored because apparently we are only interested in Russian targets, possibly enemy targets. Something that hovers in the air, then shoots off at 5,000 miles per hour, doesn't interest us, because it can't be the enemy. UFOs are picked up by ground and air radar, and they have been photographed by gun camera all along. There are so many UFOs in the sky that the Air Force has had to employ special radar networks to screen them out." 
Lee Katchen, NASA atmospheric physicist in an announcement on June 7, 1968 in which he stated that he believed, based on his examination of 7,000 reports, that UFOs have an extraterrestrial origin.

God’s new message and new messenger?!

Peace be upon you.  We have come across this site ( ) where a person named Marshall Vian Summers has claimed being a messenger from God. He  claimed he got a huge revelation from God (so far 9000 pages) and no  other messengers of God before got such a huge revelations as modern  humankind are facing more challenges. It seems his arguments solve some mysteries which cannot apparently be solved by the Quran or the Bible!

For example, if God is kind, most merciful and can do everything just by giving a "Be" command, why are all those terrible earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, floods, famine, diseases, sufferings etc. happening?!

Why does God want to burn the disbelieves in hell forever while they committed crimes here for a  very limited period of time?! In fact mathematically any human life span is almost zero as compared to forever (infinite time period). One-thousand years, one-million years, one-billion years, hundred or million-billion years etc. etc. has also an end eventually but forever means simply no ending.

In the Quran, God quite often says "I" but sometimes says "we."  Why God says "we" while referring to Himself is quite mysterious! Some commentators of the Quran  have made many failed attempts to explain it, however, a close and careful examination can easily reveal that all those explanations are just makeshift ones. 

There is no real and plausible explanation  out there in this crucial issue!
Not only these three questions, there are several other similar type of mind-boggling questions also out there and we cannot get any logical or rational answers from the Quran or Bible!

Anyway, we would suggest you, have a look on the site and do not judge so quickly! We have put some important pages from the site; for more details you could visit the site whenever you like. Thank you and good luck! May God bless you.

The Power of Knowledge

We would like to hear your opinions on this issue whether that is on favor or against it. Perhaps you will be able to give us some important insight on this issue. Someone is claiming being a messenger from God is a serious and very important issue. Like everything in our daily life, there are many false messengers out there. On the other hand, all genuine God's messengers were also believed to be false by so many people in human history! The holy Quran says, every genuine God's messenger was ridiculed; some of them were even killed!
Indeed, it is a big challenge to distinguish between fake and genuine! Quite often we need to take such great challenge in life. Please send your opinion at contact(at) in this regard. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

On terrorism, fanaticism, killings, beheadings etc. how should true Muslims react?

Peace be upon you.  It is very sad that we are hearing about so-called Islam from almost every corners of the globe, in the form of almost every kinds of evil such as terrorism, fanaticism, killings, stoning to death, beheadings etc. Those people are claiming being representing the True Islam (ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, JMB and many other evil groups), they pretend they are true Muslims doing jihad can cut the heads of peace-loving Muslims and non-Muslims wherever they can do so!
How does blind belief lead anybody towards worst evil acts! Demising of all rational, honest and logical God-given judgment capacity! We would urge every true believer, every truth seeker, please never believe anything blindly; not even the literal translation of every verses of the Quran.
Those people are causing huge shame for us too because we are also claiming being Muslims. So we should work hard to promote peace, love, tolerance, humbleness, forgiveness, selfless giving (charity) etc. to counter their evil acts.
Please do not waste your time to make many silly debates with your fellow Muslims on many trivial issues. As long as we can do productive and meaningful works peacefully we are sure, God does not care our every little prayers and rituals in any particular way. God is the greatest, so we should keep Him really greatest within our hearts without worrying every little details and dogmas in our religion. Please keep in touch and make your positive and useful comments [contact(at)] to make our rendezvous more meaningful. May God bless you.
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